Dreaming Out Your Greatness

“The height of your greatness is not determined by the height of your material wealth, but by the greatness of your dreams.” (L&D•Concepts•007)

The journey of life is opened to all directions but without any ultimate destinations. As such, the entire race is not about who finishes first. It is about who gets to making some marks on the sands. In other words, whoever makes any marks in the journey of life is a winner. Therefore, when you find someone that feels they are better than others in anyway; you can understand that such persons have not even started. Emphatically, the success of your journey in life has nothing to do with your speed neither does it have anything to do with any great feelings that you derive from your material wealth.

Life is very quick at playing tricks on anyone who tries to determine the height of their greatness by the metrics of the material things they possess. As much as wealth can guarantee some levels of confidence, your pride can only be assured in some great mindset that you possess. So that, in whatever circumstance you find yourself in life, the one thing that will underscores your ultimate pride is not the melody that plays out of your status, but the emotional connection between….

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Dreaming Out Your Greatness

Published by

Ernest H. Abinokhauno

Ernest has been having an incredible experience researching the most practical ways to teach creativity at the Virtual Concept Laboratory (VCL). At any given time, there's a good chance he's either observing nature at the country side or acting out some creativity games on paper in his Laboratory. Ernest loves playing upon words. He has used this creativity to compose high profile expressions that generate feelings of ecstasy that could make you feel like you're floating in a cloud. This is the game he plays at leisure. If you sometimes like to chill out and get cool creatively in a play upon words, then you could usually be visiting his L&D Concepts which he writes to expand imagination. His interests include motivational, entrepreneurship and inspirational contents.

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