Creating A Big Picture Change

“Creativity is an entrance into some forms of insanity where only your final inventions would show the world that you have never been out of your mind.“ (L&D•Concepts•008)

Life does not quite operate as a normal one for anybody that hopes to make a difference in the world. Any day you make up your mind to change something in your environment, the first impression that you would have created in the eyes of the world is one that is devoid of sanity. And that is based on the premise that the world does not easily accept change. Anything that is out of popular expectations is hastily rebuffed and tagged absurd. Against this background, if you are still very careful to avoid being criticized by anybody, everyone would understand that you do not really wish to change anything in our world.

It’s okay if everyone thinks you are out of your senses because of the choice that you have made to change something in our world. In all honesty, I can tell you that it is indeed a positive indication. That sounds like some sorts of understatements, but it is a perfect choice. Even when everyone holds a negative image about you when you are trying to make a big picture change, you should understand that . . . .

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Creating A Big Picture Change

Published by

Ernest H. Abinokhauno

Ernest has been having an incredible experience researching the most practical ways to teach creativity at the Virtual Concept Laboratory (VCL). At any given time, there's a good chance he's either observing nature at the country side or acting out some creativity games on paper in his Laboratory. Ernest loves playing upon words. He has used this creativity to compose high profile expressions that generate feelings of ecstasy that could make you feel like you're floating in a cloud. This is the game he plays at leisure. If you sometimes like to chill out and get cool creatively in a play upon words, then you could usually be visiting his L&D Concepts which he writes to expand imagination. His interests include motivational, entrepreneurship and inspirational contents.

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